Realistic Jobs

Are you interested in a hands-on, active job? Then a career in the realistic job category might be for you! This field consists of professionals who are very hands-on. Much of this work is physical, many of which are considered trades. This can include different people from agriculture operators, Farm workers, painters, Landscapers, chefs, audio and visual technicians and beyond. These people work very well when it comes to doing any type of work with their hands.

Rachel Tanenhaus

ADA Coordinator, City of Cambridge MA

Rachel Tanenhaus is an Americans With Disabilities Coordinator (ADA) for the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts. She earned two Bachelor's degrees from UMass Amherst, one in women's studies and the other in journalism, as well as a Master's in public health from Boston University.

Carey Ann Scouler

Senior Guest Retail specialist, Target Marketplace

Carey lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and is a Senior Guest Retail Specialist for Target Marketplace. Carey is originally from Reading, Massachusetts and studied English and Journalism at Framingham State University.

Carl Richardson

Americans With Disabilities Act Coordinator, Massachusetts Statehouse

Carl Richardson is the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) coordinator for the Massachusetts State House. Between 1986 and 1990, he attended Emerson College. Diagnosed with Ushers Syndrome, Carl is both legally blind and hearing impaired.

Christine Hà


Christine Hà is the first-ever blind contestant of the competitive amateur cooking television show MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay, winning its third season.

Chris Downey

Architecture for the Blind

Chris Downey is a blind architect, a consultant and an occasional guest lecturer for the UC Berkeley Department of Architecture specializing in accessibility and Universal Design. While working as an architect, he lost his sight as a complication from brain surgery to remove a tumor.

Jay Blake

Owner, Follow A Dream

Jay is the owner and crew chief for Follow A Dream, a non-profit organization which deals in drag racing. He attended Phelps Academy and later the Carroll Center for the Blind. After an explosive tire accident during his time as a mechanic, he lost all vision, smell and taste.