United States

The Polus Center has operated in Massachusetts since 1979, beginning with residential and vocational services for people with developmental disabilities across the state. We were pioneers in community based residential service models such as shared living. In 2015, we made the strategic decision to re-focus away from residential services to provide innovative educational and employment initiatives for people with a wide range of disabilities. Shortly after this decision, we began our partnership with the MA Commission for the Blind and later with organizations such as the MA Hire North Central Workforce Board and the Readers Digest Partners for Sight Foundation, to create the initiatives outlined on this site for both youth and adults with barriers to employment, with a special focus on people who are blind and visually impaired. Though based in central MA, our virtual programming is available across the state and country, and our de-centralized, person-centered approach provides us with the opportunity to support one person at a time where-ever they reside. We are always open to new partnerships, new ideas, and providing support for people who can benefit from our unique set of individualized services.