Envision Success Project: Post-Secondary Options

ESP offers seminars that help students think about what’s next after high school, and if they decide to go on to college, we offer a series of opportunities to learn the skills needed to succeed.

These post-secondary exploration programs include:

After High School What?

This program is offered via Zoom, with local “field trips” close to the students’ homes. After High School What? is intended for younger students who haven’t decided that college is their next step (such as students in the 2nd or 3rd year of high school). The instructors explore options, such as 2-year schools, 4-year universities, certificate programs, gap-year experiences, going directly to employment. They cover skills needed no matter what like technology, study skills, independent living, and transportation. The zoom webinars are offered to students across the state, and then students go to a local school in between webinars and discuss what they discovered with their peers. Typically offered April-June.

College “Boot Camp”

Polus has been developing, with the support of the Readers’ Digest Partners for Sight Foundation, a 2-week on-campus college exploration program that focuses on independent living skills, O&M, technology skills, study skills, sample classroom experience, and visits with Disability Services. Because of COVID, this program became an online offering, Roadmap to College, but we hope that we may be able to launch the Boot Camp if there is sufficient interest in August, 2022.

Roadmap to College

Roadmap to College is offered one class/month for six months. This seminar series is for high school seniors who have decided to go to college. We walk through MCB’s “College Responsibilities” including employment plans, financial aid, technology, Disability Services, making new friends. Offered via Zoom, with a recommended visit to a Disability Services office.