Enterprising Jobs

When you hear the word enterprising, you usually think of entrepreneurs, or big-time executives like CEOs of companies. Entrepreneurs and CEOs are included in the enterprising job field, but this category also includes Lawyers, governmental workers, school principals, Agents for athletes are actors, any type of managerial positions. People who work in enterprising fields like to lead, and work with people either persuading, influencing, or managing them.

Joe Walsh

President, Adaptive Sports New England

Joe Walsh, a native of Braintree, MA, holds degrees from Dartmouth College and UMass Amherst, and serves as President of Adaptive Sports New England.

Joe Quintanilla

Vice President of Development and Major Gifts, National Braille Press

Joseph earned his BA from Boston College, and also holds a certificate in professional fundraising from Boston University. His current job is with National Braille Press as the Vice President of Development and Major Gifts.

Sara Minkara

CEO, Entrepreneur, and Advocate

Sara Minkara is a blind, Muslim, first generation Lebanese American woman. She developed a new approach to inclusion to address adaptive design challenges.

Mike DeZinno

Speaker, Tradesman, Entrepreneur

Mike Dezinno was the first blind child mainstreamed into the public school system in the US. He overcame poverty while being raised in a state housing project by an immigrant single mother. He has never let blindness hold him back.

Sina Bahram

Founder and President, Prime Access Consulting, accessibility expert

Sina has accomplished a great deal throughout his career. He received his Master’s degree in computer science and PHD . He has received an Emerging Leadership Award in digital accessibility at the annual Noll Ability Community Heroes of Accessibility awards in 2015.