Polus Center Board President, Nellie Zarif, fitting a young girl with a prosthetic leg in a clinic in Colombia.

Polus Center Board President, Nellie Zarif, CP, fitting a young girl with a prosthetic leg in a clinic in Colombia.

The Polus Center has been working in Colombia to improve the lives of people with disabilities since 2005. The devastation caused by landmines, improvised explosive devices, and activities related to coca eradication in Colombia is immense. Not only do those caught in the crossfire of conflict or in the line of duty suffer physical injuries and psychological trauma, but there is also a tremendous burden on their family members who often have to spend the remainder of their lives as caretakers.

In response, the Polus Center's person-centered programs offer rehabilitation services, such as prosthetic limbs, and professional training in technical careers, including opportunities for apprenticeships. Polus has also assisted in the development of small businesses for selected beneficiaries. These programs are designed to help both landmine survivors directly, and by offering pathways to employment, which thereby also help their families and communities by improving local economies.

Heroes for Advocacy is the Polus Center's most recent project in Colombia. Begun in 2021, this innovative program is expanding the assistance capacity of the Colombian National Police to officers injured in the line of duty by offering them access to comprehensive rehabilitation, educational, and vocational services.

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