Envision Success Project: Work-Based Learning (Paid Internships)

young man standing next to pizza making equipment while his co-worker looks on.

Thien interned at Holy Cross College making pizzas and at a local retail store exploring his interest in business. He went on to participate in the Polus Center's Bridge to Success program to prepare for college. He is currently in his 3rd year at Assumption University majoring in Business Management.

Based on career interests and readiness, ESP helps students develop customized paid internships, either after school/weekends or during the summer. Internships may be project-based or at a work site. Most run for 6-8 weeks. They may be renewed if there is a new skill to be learned, such as working in a different department.

After the Channel 5 tour, Charlie interned at a local Cable Access station for a couple of seasons before going on to college to study filmmaking.

Once the student confirms their area of interest, Polus will engage with employers to find a potential internship and negotiate arrangements. Many students start off with a home-based project, potentially working with a writing instructor to research a topic related to their career interest and writing up what they discovered. A couple of students interested in film-making created videos. One student interested in photography both worked at a photography studio and created a book of her photos. One interested in the outdoors and animals worked at a farm. Students have worked in hospital settings, at retail stores, colleges, and at professional offices such as with an attorney and a U.S. Senator.

Students earn minimum wage, $14.25, while completing their internships.