Artistic Jobs

The artistic job field provides limitless possibilities for people who are creative thinkers. Artistic careers provide an opportunity for passionate people to bring their ideas to life. This can include any sort of artistry, including musicians, website designers, photographers, painters, actors, writers, and beyond. Individuals in this job field do very well with presenting new ideas, and many artistic careers require hands-on work to create a finished product.

Stephen A. Theberge

ADA Compliance Tester, Author, Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority

Stephen grew up in Lewiston Maine in 1963. He attended Perkins School for the Blind. He also graduated from Rhode Island College with a BA in computer science and a BA in English literature with a focus on creative, technical, and analytical writing.

Sammi Grant

Adjunct Professor and Dialect Coach

Sammi Grant is an adjunct professor and dialect coach who grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. She earned her BFA in Acting from Illinois Wesleyan University, where she discovered she had a fascination for the world of voice and dialects.

John Bramblitt

Artist and Author

John Bramblitt ss an artist that lives in Denton Texas. According to his website, his art has been sold over 120 different countries. He has appeared internationally in print, TV, and radio. John has also designed artwork for numerous magazine covers and media for the major film productions.