Envision Success Project: Training

Our first ESP class photo, 2017. Most are now young men and women in college. CJ, second from right, took his computer interests and skills to land a full time job at Dell/EMC.

We offer seminars throughout the year, online (exclusively for now, hybrid once it’s safe to include in-person training as one of the community-based activities). These work readiness and “soft skills” training help students explore the skills needed to succeed in school, in the workplace, and to live a confident happy life.

Current work readiness training programs include:

Work Readiness Training

This class, customized to run at the pace that works for the small group of students, reviews the basic skills needed to get a job and to develop healthy relationships and habits in school and life. On Zoom, 3 weeks of 45-minute after school classes followed by a week off throughout the school year.

Skills to Pay the Bills

Offered from September-June with a rolling admission. Once/week (3 weeks on, 1 week off). Each class is 45 minutes and is focused on 1-2 topics. Taught by a recently retired Special Education teacher who customizes the interactive workshops based on student needs.

Essential Skills for Employment

Offered January-May and September-November, 10 weeks, every other week. 90 minutes. Featuring guest speakers and interactive exercises, discussions, student presentations.

All work readiness training classes are based on a framework of five modules from the Department of Labor’s “Skills to Pay the Bills” curriculum, including Workplace Communications, Emotional Intelligence, Enthusiasm and Attitude at Work, Teamwork, Problem-Solving and Professionalism. Students are recommended for one or the other after meeting and discussing their interests and needs with them and their parents and counselors.

Students earn a completion certificate for each module completed, and a Workplace Readiness credential for at least 80% attendance at the end of the five modules. These certificates and topics are helpful for students with little work experience to add to their resumes.

Job search/resumes/interview skills

This series of zoom webinars includes two classes on how to look for a job, two classes to create your resume (learn/do/review), and two on interviewing skills (one to learn how, one a mock interview with a business professional). 6 weeks.

Customer Service & Retail Skills for Success

This training is for students who want to get a first job in a grocery or other retail store. The course offers 24 hours of online training, up to 10 hours/week of paid On-the-Job training, and help with the interview process. Job coaching is provided if needed, in collaboration with MCB and the students’ current support team. Minimum class size of 4-6.

Other skills training is offered based on individual career interests.