Dr. Trina Bassak

Pediactric Physical Therapist

Dr. Trina Bassak is a pediatric physical therapist at AIM Home Healthcare in Colorado. She studied at the University of Scranton and later received her doctorate of physical therapy (DPT) through online schooling. She started her career in an inpatient and outpatient clinic in Pennsylvania, and in 2015, she started her home care work. Of her 27 years of experience as a physical therapist, she has been fully blind for 25 of them. Her hobbies are gardening, roller-skating, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding.

Trina was born with glaucoma and attended college with low vision, using accommodations such as assistance for reading and bright colored markers in the cadaver lab. Two years after graduation, her second retina detached after glaucoma surgery, leaving her fully blind. After needing to move for family reasons, Trina had significant trouble finding work with employers willing to accommodate her. She was on the verge of giving up, but she persevered. Finally, AIM Home Health in Pueblo Colorado gave her a chance, offering her a driver that would also assist with computer work and home orientation. She works happily as a home health aid and urges others to keep pushing forward.

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