First Human Services Training Program Graduates Leave “Tired but Inspired”

In September of 2022, Polus launched a two-year project aimed at preparing individuals for a successful career in the human services and nonprofit sector. The second of six sessions concluded in February.

This intensive, six-week course, taught entirely remotely, introduces a broad spectrum of topics that challenge participants to think deeply about the role of human services in the lives of people who are vulnerable and to develop the skills needed to secure one of the many open positions in this in-demand employment field. With over twenty expert speakers and employers that share their first-hand knowledge and expertise, the Polus Center is proud to have provided program participants with an extremely diverse learning experience. Participants say that they leave “tired but inspired” to go on to a successful career in Human Services and non-profit work.

Classes conclude with a job fair and assistance with pursuing employment opportunities in the field of their choice, and graduates have obtained employment in a variety of agencies and disciplines, including direct care, ABA therapy, assisted living, mental health services, autism, homelessness and other non-profits. We are glad to say that several graduates have joined the Polus Center as Project Coordinators and Employment Specialists.

Comments from some of the 25 participants so far include:

  • "The Human Services Training program from The Polus Center is fantastic. I learned so much about so many areas that I had no knowledge of prior to the class."
  • "There were wonderful presentations by people working in the field. There was also great support in employment services/job hunting skills like helping me revise my resume and cover letter as well as mock interviews and ultimately an online job fair."
  • "All of this is invaluable to someone looking for work. Meeting and getting to know my classmates who come from various backgrounds was a wonderful experience. Everyone shared their stories and I think we all learned from one another!"
  • "This certificate is definitely a game changer."
  • "You guys made one heck of a difference. Night and Day. The support and help- it was life changing. truly."
  • “I GOT THE JOB!!!!! Thank you all for helping and guiding me through this process. You really helped me.”
  • “You really have changed my life. Thank you with all my heart!”

This project is funded by a Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly Workforce Success Grant (Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund grant through the Massachusetts Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development, administered by Commonwealth Corporation.

Enrollment is underway for the 3rd six-week session, which is set to begin in April 4. It will be run again beginning on June 6, September 12, and January 9, 2024. For more information contact Jen Cash, Program Manager, (603) 702-8560, jduval [at]