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Specializing in rehabilitation and support, we help victims of conflict. Working closely with community based  human service professionals and international experts, we believe in building strong partnerships.  We strive to create person centered victim assistance programs that bring a full range of rehabilitation services, economic opportunities, and health care to each individual.  


Democratic Republic of Congo


HELPING people WITH DISABILITIES find meaningful work 

For most people, work provides a source of identity, life meaning, and the ability to provide for themselves and their families. The quest for these “good things in life” does not end because a person has a disability, Through innovative person centered programs,  Polus Center has been supporting people with disabilities to find meaningful work for more than 30 years. Our current projects include:

Now Envision Work (NEW)

Envision Success Project (ESP)

Michael and Santiago listen intently during a landmine seminar

" Polus, the highest point, represents everyone's search for the best of who and what we are."

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"We Strive To Create Opportunities For Persons With Disabilities And Members Of Other Vulnerable Groups To Become Valued Citizens Within Their Communities."

Polus Center for Social & Economic Development INC.


The Polus Center for Social & Economic Development, Inc. is a Massachusetts 501c (3) non-government organization (NGO) with more than 35 years’ experience designing human service programs and promoting new opportunities for persons with disabilities and victims of conflict in the United States and throughout the world.

The Polus Center began by contributing to the development of innovative alternative models to support people with disabilities here in the United States. This helped many individuals who would have spent years in institutional care become competitively employed and to build homes in the communities of their choice. Read more

News Banner is an image of Executive Director Michael Lundquist visiting a coffee growing community in the Democratic Republic of the congo. The image shows him walking on the road among a group of villagers of all ages