Prosthetic Services


The Polus Center opened its first prosthetic program called Walking Unidos in Nicaragua in 1997. Since this time, the organization has been providing prosthetic and orthotic services in many countries around the world with a focus on fabricating and fitting mobility aides. Polus has established programs throughout South and Central America, the Middle East, and Africa and currently supports programs in Colombia, Jordan, and Iraq in partnership with the US Department of State and private foundations.

The Polus Center’s rehabilitation programs offer prosthetic and orthotic devices to civilian populations often caught in the crossfire of war, particularly those injured by landmines and improvised explosive devices. These services are free to those who cannot afford to pay and are ongoing throughout the life of the projects. Polus Center emphasizes building national rehabilitation capacity by training prosthetic and orthotic technicians and works with local and national governments by training professionals in program design and implementation.

Man testing his new prosthetic leg with prosthetic technicians around him at clinic in Colombia. The new limb is a blade for running.

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