Asem Hasna

Coffee Talk & Tasting with Michael Lundquist & Asem Hasna 

12:30pm May 16th, 2018 A.P.E. Gallery, Northampton

Join Michael Lundquist & Asem Hasna for a cup of coffee and conversation. Follow along as Syrian refugee Asem Hasna takes you on a harrowing journey from Syria to Germany where he helps give other amputees a second chance at mobility.

About Asem Hasna

Asem Hasna is Software Developer at Hala Systems and 3D printing expert at Refugee Open Ware. Before the war, he was a mathematics student at the University of Damascus. When the war began, Asem dropped out to become a paramedic. After losing his leg in an attack on his ambulance, Asem traveled to Jordan as a refugee to get access to medical care. There he recovered, received a prosthetic limb and training from the Polus Center to become a prosthetics technician. He was connected with Refugee Open Ware. Since 2014, Asem has used his expertise in 3D printing to help people in crisis-affected areas. He recently delivered a TEDx Talk on the topic of "Rebuilding our Lives. Rebuilding our Countries." in Berlin. Asem did an Internship at Cisco Systems in the area of IoT Development.

Coffee Tasting & Talk is free and open to the public, and part of the Dark to Light Exhibition Benefit. This series of events is hosted by the Polus Center and celebrates 20 years of International humanitarian work supporting victims of conflict around the world.

Reservations  are recommended.  

video by Troy Word