From the Field


In this short video montage, we get a glimpse of the important work Dave Evans is doing for the Polus Center in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is pictured here surrounded by prosthetic technicians and  trainees.


Dave Evans: A Healing Force in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Dave Evans sends greetings from the Democratic Republic of Congo! 

A long time Friend of Polus Center, and Chief Prosthetics Consultant, Dave has traveled all over the world bringing  mobility devices, and rehabilitation services to victims of conflict across the globe.

A former Marine who lost both of his legs to an explosion in Vietnam, Dave offers a depth of expertise and skill arising not only from his years in the field, but from shared experience. A refugee child from Syria, a coffee farmer from Eastern Congo, Dave connects and helps each one restoring the dignity and confidence that comes with mobility.

Right now he is part of a Polus Center effort in the DRC  - one of the countries where funds from the Coffeelands Trust are most needed. He is providing direct assistance to coffee farmers wounded in Landmine explosions,  and upgrading the skills of local technicians who will continue to oversee their care.

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