Gender Balance

Female Technicians Supported

by Dave Evans, Certified Prosthetist

The Polus Center training offers post graduate prosthetics upgrading opportunities to many Syrian and Jordanian technicians. The program is considered ground breaking particularly for female technicians, as it is the kind of exposure few women in this part of the world would normally receive.

The importance of giving post graduate students hands on practical experience not normally available in traditional educational curriculum can not be overstressed. Meeting, observing, and listening to the unique challenges and concerns of each patient builds trust, and a greater understanding of what is required in terms of individual prosthetic design. "Thinking outside the box" is a favorite phrase at the center and one you'll hear often from the  trainees. It's a fundamental necessity for this type of personalized innovation.

Please support our work in Jordan, where our direct victim assistance and technician training programs are changing people's lives. With 70% of our graduates finding employment after completing our training program, the Polus Center is committed to building capacity. With your support we can continue our training and simultaneously provide skilled treatment to those affected by the Syrian civil war.

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Dave Evans and trainees Shefa, Hadeel, and Marwan at the Al Bader Center, Jordan. -

Dave Evans and trainees Shefa, Hadeel, and Marwan at the Al Bader Center, Jordan. -

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West Virginian, Dave Evans is renowned for his expertise in making prosthetic limbs, and for helping amputees in war-torn countries throughout the world.

Evans joined the US Marine Corp in 1969, and served as a non commissioned officer with the 1st Marine Division before being medically discharged in 1971 as a result of wounds received in Vietnam. During his rehabilitative process, Dave's reflections on the war led him to join Vietnam Veterans Against the War; (VVAW) After earning a degree in Prosthetics from New York University in 1987 he began working with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, an organization dedicated to assisting the victims of war.

Since 1997 Dave has worked with the Polus Center to help establish rehabilitation programs around the world. In 2000, he was awarded an honorary doctorate in Humanities from University of West Virginia for his humanitarian work.