The Sir Bobby Charlton Center For Support & Rehabilitation opens in Amman, Jordan


UK Based Charity Find A Better Way, has partnered with the Polus Center  and Asia Development Training to provide a permanent home for our long running prosthetic rehabilitation  program in Jordan. The Sir Bobby Charlton Centre for Support and Rehabilitation opened it's doors August 2017, in Amman, Jordan. 

The Center will provide a wide variety of services that cater to both the physical and mental health needs of its patients. Besides physical therapy for those with spinal cord injuries and prosthetic devices for civilians who have lost limbs, there is an extensive art therapy program for children who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. An estimated 70% of the children receiving support at the Centre have lost one parent, and many their entire families. Under the expert care of Professor Nieveen Abu Zaid (pictured), children are introduced to painting as a way of expressing their feelings and dealing with emotional trauma.

In addition to direct care for those in need, the Centre will also play an administrative and training role for the various centres that have sprung up in Jordan in recent years. An estimated 1.4 million refugees have fled to the kingdom, and a network of informal community-led programmes have sprung up to address the many pressing problems Syrian and Iraqi refugees are facing. The Sir Bobby Charlton Centre will act as a network hub for many of these centres, offering training for therapists and prosthetic technicians, and administrative support for centres with fewer internal resources.

The Centre is made possible thanks to partnerships with two other organisations. The Polus Center, based in Massachusettes, USA, is one of the world’s leading NGOs for supporting the needs of persons with disabilities and members of other vulnerable groups. Asia Development Training (ADT) is a Jordanian non-profit company with deep ties to the refugee communities in Jordan. With the help of the Polus Center and ADT, the Sir Bobby Charlton Centre has the resources and expertise to be an important and sustainable resource for civilian victims of conflict across the wider region.

- Find A Better Way