Donor Spotlight


Bob Easterbrooks in his workshop at  Atlantic Prosthetics and Orthotics of Westport, CT. photo by Troy Word


Bob Easterbrooks: The Gift of Giving

Westport, MA

Polus Center received a large donation from Atlantic Prosthetics & Orthotics of Westport MA, as final arrangements were made and the 36 year old practice closed its doors in  2017. “I’ve done very well, I’m well blessed, and it’s time to give it back.” said Bob Easterbrooks, president and CPO  of the business.  The incredible generosity of he and his wife Kathleen can be seen in the comprehensive mix of prosthetic components, braces, fabrication tools, equipment, and mobility devices valued well over $35,000.  

“I don’t think these components could be better used anywhere else.” said the now retired prosthetist in an interview during the dismantling of his Westport facility. The decision to support the Polus Center came after learning about its international efforts to provide artificial limbs and rehabilitation services to Syrian refugees in Jordan as well as victims of conflict in Colombia, Nicaragua, Tajikistan, and Peru. “I think that there’s a point in everyone’s professional life, that they need to give back to their profession what they’ve gained from it, and I think this is a good opportunity to do that, and if I can, I appreciate that”.  

Since broadening its mission to help care for war wounded civilian victims of the Syrian civil war, the Polus Center’s efforts to provide services and trauma care to those who have fled to neighboring Jordan have doubled.  In Colombia, Nicaragua and Peru, the direct prosthetic assistance programs designed and implemented by Polus Center specifically address the needs of coffee farmers and their families who have been devastated by landmines, conflict or war in these regions. Executive Director of the Polus Center, Michael Lundquist expressed his gratitude to Bob and Kathleen for reaching out in this meaningful way, and is looking forward to shipping the components and equipment to the programs most in need.