In Memoriam

Gregory Stone 2.jpg

GREG STONE    1947-2016

photos by Stephen Petegorsky

On September 29th Greg Stone lost his battle with cancer. Greg served as a Polus Center board member for 30 years. He frequently traveled throughout the world as part of Polus delegations to assist in planning and implementation of the Polus Center’s international programs. He was instrumental in helping the Polus Center develop its first international project - Walking Unidos - a prosthetics clinic to provide artificial limbs for landmine victims in Nicaragua.

Throughout the years, Greg continued to volunteer with Polus. He met with landmine victims, people with leprosy, and those caught in the crossfire of war in many countries, including Ethiopia, Albania, Peru, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. His compassion and caring transcended cultural differences and broke down barriers. He touched people’s hearts wherever he went, whether home or abroad.

Greg’s artwork was his passion and his vocation. He made the ordinary extraordinary.  Whether a painting’s subject was a blues musician, a baseball player, a street musician or a homeless person, all were portrayed with dignity, respect, and compassion. Greg often donated his artwork to Polus Center fundraisers to raise money to assist victims of conflict around the world. His commitment to helping others was evident in all aspects of his life. We will miss Greg Stone, as will all the people whose lives he brightened wherever he went.