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Taking Charge of Your Career

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seminar series Details

This seminar series, held every Tuesday afternoon from 12:30-2:30 at MA Eye & Ear in Boston, provides a structured way to explore your career options and prepare for your job search.

Participants complete career assessments to identify their personality, interests, values and work needs so that they can find work that is best suited to their talents and interests.

Adapted from a tested corporate training program on Career Development, this program is being offered to people who have disabilities who want to not only find a job but find meaningful work in line with what they want to do and have the skills to do well.

bring a friend

All participants are encouraged to "bring a friend," which can be a friend, family member, or supporter. This is key to success in this program, to help the person participating to take the online assessments and interpret the results, to think through what they are good at and what they could potentially do for a living.

Friends attend free, unless they also want to take the assessments.


seminar series schedule

Each week there will be a focused discussion that will help to identify "who you are" and potential job options.

Week 1 - During the first seminar we will present the planning model and explore what jobs you've already done (and liked or didn't like), and discuss what you think you'd like to do before diving into the assessments that might give you some additional insights. We will get ready to complete the online MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) assessment, which will help you think through job options based on your personality type.

Week 2 - Having completed the MBTI online, an overview of the four personality scales will be presented and you will receive and interpret your results. While knowing your personality preferences has many benefits, the focus of this seminar is on how those preferences impact career decisions, and a "Career Report" will indicate the types of jobs that might be of interest based on those preferences.

Week 3 - This seminar will continue exploring interests, based on the "RIASEC" model by John Holland. You will determine whether they prefer pursuing Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising or Conventional types of work. Over the next week you will complete an online assessment to identify career options based on these interest areas.

Week 4 - The first half of this seminar reviews the results of the RIASEC assessment, which focuses on interests. Having looked at what you prefer, the second half delves into your skills and talents. You might want to be a rocket scientist but that's not a realistic goal if you don't have the education, talent, or ability to do that type of work. We will look back at some of the things you have already identified as potential options and ask the tough questions: am I qualified to do that type of work, and if not, what would it take for me to gain those skills? Do I have the time, finances, and inclination to do what it would take to learn how to do that, or should I potentially explore something else? What about that job appeals to me and what else could I do instead?

Week 5 - This week looks at "work values," what you are trying to get from work. Some people are looking for stability. Some for challenge. Some for recognition. Some for a quiet space to get things done. We will present a number of options and let you decide which are more important to you. Then we will offer you the chance to get very specific. How many hours do you want to work? How far are you willing and able to travel? How much do you need to earn, strive to earn, or not want to exceed. It is important to strive for the higher level goals such as "making a difference," but it's just as important to know your specific work parameters such as being on the T-line or being home on weekends.

Week 6 - During this last week you will pull it all together and spend some time articulating your goals. What types of work do you want to pursue? Where? What types of jobs are you going to search for during the next job search phase? Learning to summarize your specific career goals is an important part of networking and focusing your search. 

Job Search seminar series

Following Take Charge of Your Career, we will offer a 6-week seminar series on job search, to help you find that job that you have decided you want to pursue! More information to come...