Adrien Nzuzi

Adrien Nzuzi

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The Polus Center for Social & Economic Development has been providing rehabilitation services, for some of the world's most vulnerable people for the past 20 years. From Syria to the Democratic Republic of the Congo our International assistance programs have empowered survivors impacted by war and conflict to regain their mobility, independence and livelihoods.

We are excited to offer you the opportunity to join our efforts and sponsor this extraordinary fundraising event

Sponsorship Opportunity Packages allow everyone, from individuals and small businesses to large corporations, to help support the Polus Center and our work with victims of conflict throughout the world. Your sponsorship gives you the opportunity to share in the festivities, raise your business visibility and commit your brand to doing good on a global level.

We look forward to working with you this year. Your tax deductible contribution will make an enormous difference in the daily lives of those facing challenges unimaginable to most of us. Thank you for standing with us as we work to counteract the devastating effects of conflict and war.

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Event Coordinator:

Mary Jo Lundquist, Event Coordinator

Office Manager

Christine Word, Office Manager   (978) 724-3342



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